Hello readers! This coming weekend, October 16-18, the first ever ValorCon will be held in Chicago, Illinois at Block 37. In addition to the usual video games and vendors, this Con will feature some fantastic panel programming on a variety of topics. I am happy to announce that I will be participating in several panels, including: Video Games and the Law, Video Games: The Artistic Medium of the 21st Century, Dark Tower and Other Legal Gaming Snafus, What Are eSports (and Are They Coming Here?), and Handling Internet Harassment and Bullying. Come support an amazing Con in its first year!

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Today marks the day that Loading Law first came online. In the 2 years that Loading Law has been active, the landscape for games has changed considerably, and continues to do so. Culturally, technologically, and legally, the last 2 years have been formative. GamerGate forever changed the the culture of games. A new console hardware generation burst on the scene and established itself. Litigation pertaining to FTC issues and the Right of Publicity created precedents that will impact games for decades to come. Yes, it has been an exciting time.

Loading Law, and the lives of its founder and contributors, has been through just as many changes and evolutions. I began this blawg as a law student eager to share my legal analysis of the game industry. While my goals at Loading Law have not changed, I certainly have. I am now a fully licensed and practicing attorney with an LL.M. in IP and over 20 speaking engagements under my belt. I have organized a video game law summit and worked with some of the finest minds in law and game development. I have made countless contacts with people who share my passions and ambitions. Most importantly, I have made memories with all of them them that will last a lifetime.

It has been an amazing 2 years working in this industry and building Loading Law. I look forward to many, many more.

Happy birthday Loading Law!

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Hello readers! Today I have some exciting content updates for you. Earlier this year, the first ever Chicago Video Game Law Summit was held at the Chicago Bar Association in Chicago, Illinois. The Summit drew a sold-out crowd of lawyers, game developers, and industry professionals. It also drew a horde of diehard gamers! In case you missed it, I am very happy to announce that the video footage of the Chicago Video Game Law Summit is now available online! You can access it on the CVGLS YouTube Channel, or right here at Loading Law.

I am also very happy to announce that Loading Law has greatly expanded its media offerings. You can now access a wide variety of game law related content, including: Chicago Video Game Law Summit footage, Ross and Zed Talk Games podcasts, lecture footage, and photos from the road. Be sure to stop by regularly to see the latest updates as we publish our backlog  of content!

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The Legality of eSports

August 18, 2015 | Ross A. Hersemann


Recently I was interviewed by Nicholas Yanes, a contributor to SciFi Pulse, on the subject of eSports. Given the increased visibility of eSports on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, as well as the unique financial and legal aspects involved, eSports are a very hot topic right now. Here is a taste of what we discussed, with the remainder of the interview after the jump.

Nicholas Yanes: First, as the Founder of Loading Law what are some of the cases that people dealing with videogames should know?

Ross Hersemann: Currently, cases that deal with the right of publicity and celebrity likenesses are all the rage. In particular, gamers should keep an eye on Lindsay Lohan’s current lawsuit in New York against the makers of Grand Theft Auto V. She has claimed, among other things, that characters in that game are based on her and that she should be compensated for the alleged use of her likeness. The outcome of her case could impact how celebrities, or characters based on celebrities, are featured in games. The financial impacts, and free speech implications could be very interesting.

Continue reading here


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Bit Bash is Coming to Chicago Next Week

August 13, 2015 | Ross A. Hersemann


Bit Bash is an alternative video games arts festival in Chicago, exposing unique and independent games to those who might not traditionally experience them. More street festival than convention, Bit Bash highlights some of the best the scene has to offer. This includes local and international selections, games best experienced with others, or that utilize unique controllers. Games that really push the boundaries.

2015’s event includes Jerry Belich’s Afterglow, Marc Flury and Brian Gibson’s Thumper, Paloma Dawkin’s Gardenarium, and Matthew Yeager’s Aerobat. Plus: Sentris’ Samantha Kalman will be playing a DJ set at 8pm! Check out the festival trailer here.

Bit Bash’s mission is to make video games accessible for everyone by:

  • Raising visibility for the growing independent games community.

  • Highlighting Chicago as a developing hub for those who love games, technology, or art.

  • Connecting with at-risk youth to foster an interest in technology and art.

Some Key Facts

  • Saturday, August 22nd from 2–11pm.

  • Tickets are $20 online and $25 at the door

  • A portion of the proceeds benefit Chicago Loot Drop

  • Families are invited to come early at 1pm and kids under 13 get in free

  • Learn more at

As thanks for reading, here’s a 25% discount code to share with your community: CGVL25

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