Microsoft Matches Sony’s Numbers:
Xbox One Also Sells One Million Units in 24 hours

It looks like Microsoft will have cause to start its holiday celebrations early this year. Microsoft announced last Thursday that its next-gen console the Xbox One has matched the PS4’s launch day sales record and has reported sales in excess of one million units. With each Xbox One priced at $499 in the United States, compared to the PS4’s $399, the odds seem to be in Microsoft’s favor.

Despite Microsoft’s early Christmas present, Microsoft spent much of this year on the naughty list. Gamers were particularly critical of the console this summer on social media sites where they bashed Microsoft for policies that they labelled as ‘anti-consumer.’ Some of the most unpopular policies included those which required the console to be always connected to the internet, limitations on sharing and reselling games, and the omnipresence of the console’s motion tracking hardware known as ‘Kinect.’ Microsoft has since reversed on most of these policies.

The Kinect system on the Xbox One carries potential personal privacy and data security concerns. In effect, the device is a sophisticated motion sensor coupled with a microphone that allows users to interact with the console and games through voice activation or body movements. It can literally track a user’s skeletal movements and map them to in-game avatar. The Kinect microphone remains active while the console is in sleep mode to receive voice commands to turn the console on. Even though Microsoft has reported its commitment to privacy concerns, many gamers remain skeptical that their personal and biological information is safe.

Thankfully, a solution to privacy concerns on the Xbox One seems to have already revealed itself.

UPDATE: It would seem that Microsoft is regulating speech in its Upload Studio application on the Xbox One. Users that have utilized what is being referred to as ‘excessive profanity’ can potentially have their Xbox Live privileges revoked under Microsoft’s Code of Conduct. More information on this developing issue may be found here.

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  1. Akash Gandhi December 26, 2013 4:07 pm 

    It seems XBox may have been able to match PS4’s launching day numbers, but those figures are quickly dwindling. I spent the holidays searching numerous stores on random dates for both consoles. There was a consistency in my search. Every store I visited had Xbox One’s in stock on display while the PS4 were completely sold out. There were no shortage of the XBox Ones this holiday season. This may be due to the difference in Price point for the two systems or it may be due to XBox’s stricter regulations for its online users or more likely it is the combination of the two.

    There is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the XBox’s policy regarding its speech regulations for its games. XBox’s Code of Conduct website* contains basic and if I may say so, very broad rules and regulations for its users to follow. The broadest rule I find is that a user shall not create or share “(c)ontent that a reasonable person would consider to be adult or borderline adult in nature.” This to me is too vague to be held up in a court of law. Would we measure this using a test similar to Constitutional Law’s Obscenity test? Or is there another test that would come into play here?

    Either way I digress. The point of this post was to demonstrate XBox One is not retaining its customer base as well as the PS4. In my belief, the war of the consoles is all but officially over. The PS4, it seems, will come out the winner.


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