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Video games, by their very nature, defy adherence to any one specialization of law. Their technical, expressive, and commercial characteristics have challenged lawmakers since the early days of Pong. The nuanced complexity of video games has resulted in an inconsistent application of legal principles drawn from multiple fields, including Intellectual Property Law, Constitutional Law, and Business Law.

Once regarded by many in the legal field as a passing fad, the video game industry is now a multibillion dollar enterprise. It is crucial, now more than ever, for the legal community to take video games seriously as technical achievements, expressive art, and commercial properties deserving of legal protection. Traditionally, the law has always remained a step behind developing technologies. However, it is inevitable that the law will catch up to video games eventually. The law is loading.

Loading Law launched in October 2013 with the purpose of providing both current and practical analysis of developing legal issues in video games. Check back soon for our latest updates!